About Bullet

Our mission - to help data and tech led companies create meaningful, engaging and truly disruptive market leading digital products. BULLET has been created, like our solutions, to cut through the noise - To accelerate, explore, validate and push your vision, ensuring maximum value for your users and businesses.

From your brand, right through to building your product - we are passionate about forming, shaping and nurturing business ideas. Where we bring the rigour of design thinking and strategy, our older and significantly larger brother - 6point6 brings the technical acumen and firepower to scale any product idea to global levels.

About 6point6

6point6 are a leading technology consultancy with strong expertise in cyber security, cutting edge data solutions and digital transformation.

Bringing a wealth of hands-on experience to help businesses maximise the impact of their technology change - 6point6 help a range of clients from different industries - financial service providers, media houses and right through to large-scale government initatives. Using cutting edge technology and agile delivery methods, 6point6 help clients reinvent, transform and secure their businesses to create brighter, sustainable digital futures.

Some of our clients
Some of our clients
The Team
Ant Ludlow Photo
Ant Ludlow
Managing Director

Deep design thinker and leader – specialising in the ideas, strategy, concepts, design and storytelling behind innovative and compelling digital brand experiences and products that change businesses.

Gavin Edmonds Photo
Gavin Edmonds
Experience Design Director

Design leader with more than 18 years experience in UX, visual design & usability. Experienced with both start-up and corporate environments, built teams, implemented design practices & championed UX in both business cultures.

Mathieu Martyn Photo
Mathieu Martyn
Lead Experience Designer

A highly experienced hands-on full-cycle Experience Designer, taking projects from brief to delivered product/service applying a range of skills gained in well-known multi-national businesses.

John Brennan Photo
John Brennan
Experience + Visual Design Lead

A hands-on UI/UX Designer with twenty years of in-depth experience in the digital space. Combining visual talent and logical reasoning with the disciplined application of user centred design principles.

Andy Law Photo
Andy Law
Lead Developer

Developer with experience of working across a wide range of business sectors and technologies. Started developing back in the days of Director and Flash establishing valuable skills in bringing designs to life. Relishes learning and refining skills and solving interesting problems.

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